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high classes moved in, Weedsport football had by then morphed from 6 man to 8 man squads. This situation was unsatisfactory for several reasons, not the least of which was the long hike from the high school, over science hill to the old field and back, which ate up a lot of practice time.

Weedsport football was in a state of flux for several years. building was continued to be used for practice and games, which continued to be played on Friday nights under the lights.

Truckers looking for part time truck driving jobs and Owner Operators or Trucking Companies looking for part time drivers This is your web page.

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9 months OTR experience, 2 months LTL experience I am still in my rookie year.

I had an accident a few days ago and now I can't find any work in my field.

There are many scenarios where a person may not want to be a full time trucker.It would be hard for either of these people to find the situation they wanted to suit there needs. Owner operators if you want a driver to workout a part time schedule with for driving your truck give a brief description of what your looking for and what the driver will be doing and be sure to leave your email or number.Drivers looking for part-time driving opportunities be sure to leave your information about the situation you want and whether it is flexible and leave your email or contact information.I got my class a CLP ,little Drive time cause there so many people in our class. Cleveland, Ohio been driving for over 20 years I am currently working as a line haul driver for a owner operator and have been for two years.The problem is it’s six days a week and the truck is always …

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