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Parks Canada lets wake up.__ Fished this lake for a few hours after work the other day was very surprise on the size of fish bitting mostly all over 50cm, very disappointed with the boat ethic people have and how close they come to you when your still fishing. C&R a good sized burbot just after midnight and a nice pike around 9 AM. If you can't afford the technology like cameras and flashers this is all you have to assist you to find fish. I like this app it it's really frustrating that people don't post tips. __Going for white's..hopefully fish will be biting and around. Went 8, 15, 18, and finally 22 ft througout the day moving around. On the menu at their restaurant stated Pigeon Lake white fish. I'll walk if need be Search alberta fall walleye netting index. Thank god they finally got around to protecting the pike in that lake. One walleye feast or two a year is great tks for the whitefish tips Headed out there sat and Sunday for first time. Show some class 18 inches ice at Grandview large ice ridge along shore couldn't drive out no way around ridge. If it's clear ice that's good enough for half tons. We fished the east side, north of Mulhurst 10-15 feet deep. I am so impressed with how Pigeon has rebounded, I hope they keep slot size limits. 24 and got a few soft bites on a Cicada with a full minnow on, so changed to a small jig with just the head of the minnow. My brother and I are going to head out early in the morning. Fill tags and Than head to Gull for whitefish and perch.

Fished overnight Thursday just off the dropoff by the Provincial Park. I will update got class b tags I'm going to fish shallow. Thinking of taking daughter to Pigeon on Saturday....issues with driving onto the lake? Ice is 2 feet thick, and was at a depth of 8 feet of water._I did not see even 1 fish in the two hours I tried, the good news is the water was fairly clear._Talked with another guy leaving and they had luck catching Walleye south of me at the next point... _The fish out of Pigeon Lake are very tasty in the winter. In winter 60 years ago, fish from Pigeon Lake were shipped by rail car to New York. Going to try one more time, does anyone know if it's still safe. I personally think they should ease their restriction on catching walleyes, and pike population will have a better chance to rebound. Take you crap off the ice when you leave no real sportsman would ever do leave garbage on the lake or in the lake .. I was driving my titan on ghost lake on December 23 only 11 inches of ice clear and loud firm cracking 1 pike over 100 cm 10 white fish if you can catch them. Took the kids out Sat, 11-3pm, 14 walleye, 1 small pike, 3 large enough to keep (class A tags). That's where you'll find the walleye licences now that the draw for them is over. I haven't had to do it since they changed the system but you can check the albertarelm or mywildalberta websites for a list of available licences and directions on how to reserve the licence so you can buy it. they taste really good had a few last week and to get tag go to albertarelm and they should have some left class a is 50 cm and bigger class b is 43 to 50 cm and class c 43 cm and smaller class a is 2 walleyes and class b and c are 3 each Went out for the evening Mar. Better yet if you spot the whites on camera remove it.

Hopefully I can get out this weekend and actually drop a line in and spend a few hours there. Went for a ride on sled and talk to a bunch of ppl on east side of silver beach point and nothing there neither. I am not very familiar with that side of lake and am wondering if you can maybe let me know where you are acessing the lake on that side. Pigeon Lake & tributaries (excluding Tide Creek) & outlet – Walleye limit 0 – except the holder of a Special Fish Harvest Licence and tags may retain walleye of a size, number and at the times specified on the licence; Pike limit 1 over 100 cm; Perch limit 5 over 25 cm; Lake Whitefish limit 10; Burbot limit 1 (Burbot limit 0 - Feb. 31) 8 the portion of lake west of a line drawn from the northwesternmost tip of the point in 13-12-47-2-W5 due north to the point where the line intersects the shoreline of the lake in 13-47-2-W5, locally known as Zeiner Park and including TIDE CREEK. 8 the outlet, the portion located in 1,2,11-46-28-W4 l CLOSED Apr.

But if you are set on pigeon lake you can go left of the boat launch at mulhurst or head to the far side at the provincial park may get some luck over there!!! Im new to the lake and really just want to do some catch and release for some pike. Not looking for any crazy secrets just a helping hand is all. Just wondering if there are any trouble spots to look out for (springs, heaves, etc). Hook minnow again on body part now it should rest on bottom of lake at a 45°angle. Fish off a point in about 8-10ft of water or 60-100ft from the shore, right before dark. Sit it 8" from the bottom and jig up hard 2-4 ft then pause, let it float back down and settle unil it is pulmb to your rod tip. If I knew where the fish were, I would have a different job that's for sure! The bike races were starting so I packed up and headed home. Not sure where all the walleye went from a few weeks back when they couldn't keep em off the hook? Started at 10 ft then 15, 18, 20, and finally 22 ft. There were about 15 other truck in the bay and didnt seem like anyone was catching. He had Bs and I picked up a set of Cs last night just for the fun of it. This made good perch lakes as no walleye to eat perch. Pike limits are good as everyone keeps pike which are easy to catch since they can't keep walleye. With all the pike and walleye in this lake, there will never be a healthy perch fishery here. I still don't understand - why protect all those monster pike when they eat everything in sight? Oggie I agree Fisheries has wrecked this lake by their mono species walleye management. You can catch pike in any slough in Alberta, so I don't see a reason to protect them so aggressively.

Anyway, if you wait a few months it will clear up in the fall. Can anyone please tell me is the fish edible at pidgeon lake? Camped at zeiner not knowing anything out there and everyone in the boat was landing walleyes no matter which way you flung your lure...towards shore or away. what would you prefer, a night on the lake catching 60 fish and eating none, or a night on the lake with two fish and getting to eat it. Their could a disease in the fish already because of the amount of fish in the lake. But provincial park is open You can walk on with caution and kick out holes. But the ice is starting to get chunky as you drill. You can walk on from provincial boatlaunch but bring waterproof boots as there is an inch or so surface melt. Bring a skidoo or quad and bring a buddy with you to help you if you get stuck. Hi tjp Just wondering if a truck would make it on at the provincial park. Good day out front of the provincial park boat launch in 20' of water. Early in the day I pulled a nice jack out and then nothing for the next 4 hours! Only fished there in the summer a couple years ago. Had a wonderful afternoon at the provincial park this afternoon in about 20 ft of water caught 8 nice walleye 3 tags filled with 49cm and caught and released 5 at 53 to 55 cm! All 5 of us had a fish on at the same time and 4 of us did more than once. I'm taking the kids up in mid-September camping at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park.

Hi diablo, Google pigeon Lake and blue green algae. Personally, I don't always trust what the government says. A few on crankbaits but mostly on frozen minnows and floater rig setup. The only reason lakes within an hour of Edmonton have these fish are these regulations... Fishing is great for young children who have a good muscles. So if you mean casting from shore than I would say no. But there is always tomorrow @houston1 that The gate to the campground is closed. About approaches dozen people out her March 28 Was on the ice till 930 last night. I will still walk on but would like your thoughts on the boat launch conditions please Got my tags filled out yesterday! Other than that you could go any where except up creeks etc. Good luck to you I spent the day on Thursday fishing the drop off in front of the Provincial Park. If you've been keeping them in Pigeon Lake without a tag..tsk tsk. Didn't matter what you had on as long as there was a minnow on it. What are you guys and gals using for bait to catch walleyes? Unless you have a company truck and don't like your job I would be leery of taking a truck on Pigeon Lake . Fished 3 hours in shallow water, released approximately 50 from 50 -58 cm. We are very new to this and have absolutely no idea where to go boating before May long weekend, if anywhere.

I dropped my hook down there and within 2 min boom a walleye. Suspended Whites are very hard to find and even harder to catch. With the rise in walleye population, white fish is difficult to find. If you can't be bothered to clean up your garbage & take it with you!!! Just out fishing on pigion as I type this - been out for 2 hours and haven't seen a fish - I'm fishing straight out from the boatlaunch at Mulhurst bay in about 6 ft of water,trying minnows on jig head for walleye and wireworms with maggots for whites .... This lake has a lot of fishing pressure but the walleye seem to be in abundance and of great size.

To many wingnuts are ready to just give er already. Drove on with my 3/4 ton truck down the Mulhurst boat launch out in line with Silver beach's point. The hole closest to shore I drilled was at best 18" of water with weeds on bottom. Yeah nobody I talk too seems to catch them anymore, they are in there just probably stay suspended in deep water, feeding on small insects and invertebrates. As soon as the walleye were introduced and allowed to run rampant all other species declined. Personally I think that these biologist's have their head in their ass.__ To the [email protected]$hats that keep leaving their Timmy's garbage on the ice off Sandholm point...... I've cleaned up your cups,newspapers & sandwich wrappers the last few weekends! 17 to May 14 – CLOSED You don't have to go where everyone else is on a lake to catch fish. Walleye like structure and its easy to predict what depth they will be at with a little research off the web given the time of year.

Try drilling some holes way out in the deep basin and look for suspended marks with your flasher. I understand they are trying to promote walleye fishing here. I'm taking a friend fishing tomorrow who has never caught a fish through the ice ... Not supper fast action but I am certainly not complaining for deep winter ice fishing. If your coming from Edmonton and looking to catch and release walleye only but have fun doing it this is the lake for you. :) We tried near the White shacks but moved east tirades the point where we catch them in June. Fished from 11am-4pm at provincial park straight out from the beach in 12ft of water. Tried everything in the box along with worms and smelts, but couldn't get the fish to take it. Thanks Sean We're on the southwest shore by Norris Beach. Not sure if I'd wanna eat anything outta this lake, but lots of fun catching just 75ft from shore. saw one guy get his boat seized Had a good evening on pigeon, not a lot of action, but caught 3 decent walleye in the 4-5lb range and 2 little 2lb walleyed that had a ton of fight for their size! Wind came up for a while and blew us into 10-12 fow. Will pay or if we can fill our three tags for walleye less then 43 cm. 10 yards out the ice is 22 inches but the shore line has melted and you can't make it to the stronger ice without risking getting stuck . Provincial park side you can still get on as the launch is shaded a bit by the trees . 10 yards out the ice is 22 inches but the shore line has melted and you can't make it to the stronger ice without risking getting stuck . Provincial park side you can still get on as the launch is shaded a bit by the trees . The white fish are there but go early morning and shallow. Anyone who wants to go just hit me up 👌 hopefully see u guys on the hard water Went out Sunday in a 12ft Aluminum. One thing is for sure they didn't jump out of the lake and went on holidays!! Launched at mulhurst didn't have to head out too far before we hit the walleye. If weather stays like this, getting on and off over the pressure ridge by the boat launch may be tricky. The tag program for walleye and no keeper for less than 1 metre pike will illiminate white fish and perch here. Hi I have never been to this lake before and I was wondering where is the best place to get on I have a couple of walleye tags that need to be filled and I was also wondering is there a good perch bite? We went out yesterday, did well on tip ups for 'eyes & jacks but weren't able to hook up on the few whites we saw. Been here twice this month caught two like last round. The green algae on buck lake is twice as bad as pigeon lake. I've seen baby perch in the summer time but I have yet to hook any, I'd like to catch some once the ice is set, I don't need to know where, I just wanna know if people are catching them or not??? Walleye fishing was great on soft plastic leeches drop shooting, conservation were total nazis this last weekend though sending people home if they didn't have every single piece of safety equipment. *Wanted* someon with a boat to take me and my dad out on pigeon lake. Go to a licencing place and see if there is any undersubscribed tags left. Caught nothing, could see right to the bottom, didn't see any movement at about 20 feet of water. Will be back All the fish I saw were walleye, there were 5 that swam right by the cameras but we're not interested in anything that I had on my line!! Landed 40 in a couple hours and the night bite is incredible . My quess with the north wind, moving all things living to the south part of the lake and full moon coming, numbers were down? So if you mean casting from shore than I would say no. But there is always tomorrow On the lake right now. 1 over 50 cm walleye around 7pm released, 2 more pike in the 70cm range, then 745 till 9 pm managed to fill my 43-50cm tags. The highlight, 930pm, 4 ft water hooked into a 68 cm wallie figured bout 6-8lbs on tip her back to spawn. As the walleye and pike population rises, the white fish and perch is hard to find. Why is Alberta Health Services making such a big hoop-la about green algae on pigeon lake? Close into shore the water was clear but out 200 yards, the green algae was very thick. Before the walleye introduction you could catch lots of perch just about anywhere in the lake but alas the walleye have eaten just about all of them and now it is very rare to spot one. Hey, if you are looking to do some good pike fishing I would suggest hitting wizard lake just up from pigeon you will have way more action with the pike on this lake rather than pigeon!! Will somebody please tell me what to do for white fish in this lake Try a gold Mazuno lipless crank bait( you can buy them at the Petro-Canada on the south side of the lake at the village) . Some good days, some bad, it's hit or miss, it's called fishing not catching haha. Hit those deep drifts with some speed and you'll be good! We got here first thing in the morning to fill our walleye tags. Walleye are native to most lakes in alberta including this one b UT we're fished out most lakes including this one. The reason my be that commercial fishing has been stopped for the third year. But can't seam to find the walleye to fill my tags. It would be nice to also see the perch come back as well. No place to go other than in the bush, where I seen two people go. Keaton there are no longer any good spots for perch in Pigeon Lake. Caught both on a glow gumball jig with a salted minnow. Will be in a red Rav4 by Mulhurst if someone would like to show me where the Perch are just in case so daughter doesn't get bored out of her mind. Didnt see much on the camera and no bites on the jaw jackers or rod. 15 or so trucks on the ice but nobody seemed to be catching anything today. So the story goes from the elders that live in this region.__ Hard to get on the lake due to 6-8 ft ice heaves. This report will show you how the population of each fish species is doing in your lake. This used to be a very good mixed species lake before it was managed solely for walleye. Fair amount of walleye on camera 10 to 12 feet water. Caught 3 about 24 inches long back in like they are suppose to go . That triggered the bite, caught my slot size b all three tags filled in 10 minutes.

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