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However through my hunger times then, what inspired me was the fact that we all went through the same thing as soldiers. If you were caught, it was going to be a night of being disciplined.Boxed in without any source of food after we ate at certain times. A select few number of soldiers didn’t make it out of Basic Training (for whatever reason). You have to be able to know what inspires YOU to unlock your potential.Of course, everyone has a motive on what drives them to do whatever it is they have planned.Whether it’s bad or good, something is the engine to their influence.

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Especially when you’re being tempted by foods that aren’t healthy for you.Their work ethics were (and still is) amazing to me.To the point where when I was hungry, watching their snapchat stories made me forget about my hunger.It’s as if they come to the gym to focus on a goal, instead of showing off being boastful. Homelessness, toxic relationships, unemployment, eating pasta with a spoon, pouring milk before cereal in a bowl, whatever. Reason is because, the negativity should inspire you to do more with yourself.It even gives me hope because I’d always look forward to seeing the end result. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “This is an oxymoron.” Well, though it’s perceived to be one, it’s not. At my times of unemployment last year, what inspired me to do better was watching DJ Khaled and Kevin Hart on Snapchat.

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