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Sleep-deprived and stressed from midnight paper writing sessions, on my seventy-mile drive home to my parents’ house, I hit another car right before turning onto the highway. My mom and dad drove the seventy miles to pick me up and drive me (and my car) home.

Even though the collision only left a small dent, I began to cry (thanks to the dangerous mixture of fatigue and academic pressure). Dad picked up the phone, heard what I said and told me not to finish the drive home. It was not just my mom who came to my rescue, nor was it my dad who succeeded in the operation alone: it was my parents, as a team.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have been reduced to commercialist holidays, much in the way that Christmas has lost its spiritual worth for the sake of consumerist spending.

But what is even more unfortunate for our dads is that Father's Day is ascribed even less sentimental importance than Mother's Day.

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In many Jewish families, Father’s Day seems to just come and go.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day might be great holidays to buy mom those flowers and to get dad that new set of cufflinks, but it’s not the way to show your appreciation for sacrifices your parents have made and the influence they have had on your life.

It’s a time to celebrate both parents equally for their joint contributions. He can fill that tiny span with meaning, so its quality is immeasurable though its quantity may be insignificant.” If our lives are, indeed, the length of a blink of an eye, we truly must fill our lives with meaning, starting with extolling both of our parents equally.

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