Chat rooms to talk to naughty girls

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There are many influential business figures involved and of course, many poor girls reliant on the money they make from the industry.The unofficial attitude taken by the authorities is that as long as nobody is hurt and it is a transaction between two consulting adults, then there is no problem. However, in one of those strange Thai contradictions, although prostitution is vaguely illegal, the 1996 act still defines the age of consent for prostitutes as 18.The girls may have started working on farms or in factories from as young as eleven years old.There is a common perception that girls working in Thailand's sex industry start at a young age.

Prostitution in Phuket does is not particularly linked to human trafficking.

If you are not offended then it is a great place to drink and people-watch. If you go as a couple or make it clear that you do not want the attention of the girls then they will leave you alone (eventually).

However if you want to talk to the girls in the beer bars they will be happy to have a chat or play bar games such as connect-four or dice games.

This gives the authorities leeway in allowing what is clearly a thriving business to operate while still having the legislation to control it if they think anyone has crossed the lines.

Clearly they are happy with most of what happens at the major tourist destinations as it is so openly on display.

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