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It is usually glazed to render it impervious to liquids. An impervious silicate coating, which is developed in clay ware by the fusion under heat of inorganic materials.Applied to porcelain or pottery body to make it waterproof and enhance colour.The ancient rubbing process of burnishing polishes the outside skin of a clay pot while greatly reducing its porosity.

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A container made of fireclay into which the pottery to be fired is placed.Cones are specially formulated ceramics formed into triangular, shapes.When placed in a kiln they will soften and bend (or "mature") at a specific temperature when the temperature is increased at a specific rate.A design produced in underglaze blue (often Chinese) to which enamel painting has been added.Designs printed with outlines for intentional painting in with either over or under glaze enamel are not considered clobbered ware.

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