Danmarks bedste dating side Samsø

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The Runic Stones placed at the historic town of Jelling from 964 A. - are considered as the birth certificate of the Danish Kingdom and Nation. - where King "Gorm the Old" and his Queen "Thyra's" big mounds are placed on each side of the church.

The town of Jelling is also a very significant location that played a prominent role in the Danes history - where the beginning of Civilisation and Christianity was triggered and spread all over Denmark for more than thousand yeas ago A. - and has been the foundation of the Danes Cultural Heritage and their deep-seated native identity.

Payment cards were not invented back then – and it was considered blistered to walk around with cash in your pocket – so then each had a book at the grocery store, where their buying through the month were written in – then the last saturday of every month – then was settled with the shopkeeper – that saturday, the men have a glass aquavit each, while they smoked their cigars – it was a traditon too.

and it was only one glass aquavit never more than that. My grandparents lived far from the beaten track – there was a very long blind gravel road that led out to their home – their nearest neighbor was 1500 meters away, they lived where the gravel road started (the photo shows the neighbor’s home far behind my grandfather) when my grandfather drove away on the bike on saturdays, then their dog “Lady” was sitting at the corner of their house – so it could watch down to the neighbor’s house.

After Odense comes Aalborg (Jutland) - famous for producing the Danish firewater called “Snaps” and with a population of 110,000 - and finally Esbjerg (Jutland) known for its off-shore activities - and former large fishing industry with over 80.000 living in the city.

Viking Country has throughout the time - obviously always been associated with Denmark and the - Home of the Vikings - as well as the heartland of the great Viking society during the historical Viking age and era from around 800 to about 1050 AC - which is a very important part of Denmark’s history and culture that formed the way to build up the Danish kingdom.

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(København) - (Hafnia) (Largest Capital in Scandinavia) Currency: Danish Kroner. At that time Vejle Fjord and lakes went right up to Jelling - that allowed ships to enter the city by sea - and where trading activities flourished together with an increasing numbers of active citizens - enterprising merchants - diligent peasants and tough Viking Worriers.The smallest and oldest runic stone mentions the name “Denmark” (".- who was the mastermind of expanding the great earthwork fortification “Danevirke” - built by Viking King Gudfred around 800 A.The Danish Capital and other Major Cities Copenhagen - (København) Copenhagen is the Danish capital - and Scandinavian’s largest city - situated on the east coast of Sealand (Zealand).Copenhagen was founded by the Danish bishop Absalon in 1167 - who built a little fortress on a small isle called “Slotsholmen” outside of the growing town named (København) - and inhabited at the present with over 1.8 million citizens - including the urban areas of Copenhagen.

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