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Sacca went on to build what must be considered, the largest shareholding in Twitter.And with such a prominent figure at the helm it’s ea Sådan undgår du at blive snydt af falske Facebook-konkurrencer 2016-03-14 - Berlingske Hvis du vil sikre dig, at du ikke går i fælden med falske Facebook-konkurrencer, kan du tjekke, hvornår Facebook-siden er oprettet, finde din indre grammatik-haj frem og vurdere, om tegnsætning og stavning er korrekt eller blot benytte en ny app, der gør arbejdet for dig.The acquisition comes just a few months after In Vision acquired the code-based design tool Macaw, and is the company’s fourth acquisition to date.Silver Flows, which is currently in private beta, removes the hassle of designing in Sketch then…

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