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"The Wedding Date" has a few good laughs and appealing leads, but it never achieves the lift off of a real sparkling romantic comedy. C Kat (Debra Messing) is single and particularly unhappy that she must attend her half sister's wedding in London.

Not willing to be the subject of scorn or pity when she arrives, alone, she raids her 401K and hires an escort (Dermot Mulroney) to come with her as "The Wedding Date." It's that time of year when the studios start pushing out their stock of movies that are not part of the whole "For Your Consideration" stable of films that dominate the previous year's end.

Kat has all the women, particularly her humorously bold cousin TJ (Sarah Parish), lusting after her new man even though mom (Taylor Holland, TV's "Two and a Half Men") takes every opportunity to note Kat's aborted wedding to Jeffrey (Jeremy Sheffield).

Nick quickly sizes up the family dynamics, particularly bride-to-be Amy's childlike tendency to demand her half-sister's 'toys' and former fiance Jeffrey's distress at losing the woman he loved, and begins to buff Kat's self confidence.

She is known for both her comedic and dramatic performances, and as of 2017 is among the highest-paid actresses in the world.

She has received several awards, including two Golden Globes, and has been nominated for five Academy Awards and six British Academy Film Awards.

She makes arrangements, sight unseen, with Nick (Mulroney), couriers a first-class, round trip ticket to him and nervously waits to meet him on the plane.

Her concerns and tensions prove unfounded as the suave escort works to make things right for Kat.

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Nick Mercer is a suave looker who knows how to make his clients look good, both for themselves and those they're trying to impress.

Kat - Messing made up to resemble Jennifer Anniston so pointedly that I can only think that "The Wedding Date" was a vehicle specifically designed for the former "Friends" star - is a capable career woman who, because of her bad luck with men, has some serious esteem problem.

She is so insecure and afraid of what others think that she, out of desperation, scours the personal ads to find a suitable escort to hire.

Amy Adams ("Catch Me If You Can") believably conveys a young woman who experiences extreme regret at having gotten her way once too often at the expense of others and Jack Davenport projects the simple good-naturedness of her trusting fiance Ed.

Parish, in the stock 'crazy sidekick' role, is great fun as the lusty TJ, but Sheffield gives nothing to Jeffrey that would make him seem desirable.

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