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Screened nightly in two episode blocks by BBC Four, ‘s viewing figures were respectable and fans assumed that the station would pick up the sequel series.Sadly, this attempt to broaden the network’s schedule seems to have been a dead end rather than a concerted effort to diversify its content.

Breaking away from one form of tyranny he is now sheltering within a workplace cum despotic regime.Equal parts character study, satire, civic commentary, the programme is decidedly politically incorrect and confrontational yet manages to never be anything less than magnificent.Currently in the twilight period of his tenure as mayor of Reykjavík, Jón Gnarr has recently been generating column inches with the news that American publisher Melville House has acquired the rights to his political memoir and will issuing it later this year.Nervy and unsure of himself, recoiling from the ramifications of leaving medical school, he has sought solace in regular paid employment whilst undergoing an existential crisis.Escaping from the lifestyle imposed by his parents, working at the petrol station allows him to take control of his personal destiny for the first time.

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