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Guess what, when she walks in and the room is saturated in massage oil, she's either going to assume you went for the massage or that she needs to take the pay per view channels away from you.Instead, why not ask and see if she's up for the best couples massage Las Vegas offers.The sooner you call the best chance you have of getting everything you are dreaming of. The voice you get on the other end will be surprisingly cooperative and motivated to connect you with what you are looking for.

After all, it is her job to make sure you're completely at ease and comfortable by the time the massage is done.Going into the spa for a full body massage is a real treat. Basically, these Las Vegas erotic massage specialists are able to fill in the gaps your traditional therapist is not able to fulfill.The licensed and certified massage therapists can help work out your muscles and really ring out the stress you have pent up inside. Short of attempting to pull a fast one on the therapist back home, slipping her some serious extra cash and praying you aren't thrown out on the street and charged with attempting to solicit prostitution, you are going to be much better off going the Vegas route anyways.Sure, it can last for hours (and did we mention she'll be naked?), but there are other perks and destress opportunities at stake for you.

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