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Hi Ben, A follow up question - had any of the budding girls actually started to wear bras?

If so it seems particularly harsh that they had to remove them.

But I agree it's fairer for every boy to be treated the same and more logical if indoor PE kit is restricted to shorts (and perhaps footwear) only. Stripping to the waist to exercise also gave the confidence when it came to girls.

One girl who later became my wife remembers watching me in the gym and doing numerous laps of the field stripped down. Paul Your comments show how times have changed (whether for the better that is debatable) But to think that these days a headmaster would take a boy into his off ice and make him drop his trousers and cane him in his pants would nowadays be unthinkable.

The governors were all retired ex-military types anyway who no doubt thought the more severe a caning the better - never done them any harm and so on.

The headmaster maintained a list of boys who he saw as rebellious and after the skinhead cut I was on it alongside a few more.

It guaranteed you a bare bottom caning if you were sent to him and up to twelve strokes - which I never got though I did get eight a couple of times - surprisingly much worse than six.

I doubt any parent today would use a strap like my father had either - it was about eighteen inches long and two wide and half an inch thick, it really packed a punch and a dozen of it on my bare bottom was the norm.

We were made to go "bare top" in gym until 11yo when bra's were required by many.

Hi Claire, at least you were all girls and presumably with all female teachers during PE.

In our case it was mixed and with both male and female teachers, depending on who your class teacher was.

As I said in my previous post, a few of my classmates did start to wear bras during our final year at primary school, but there were others who had small buds but were still wearing vests.

Of course this was in the days before cami-tops etc were available as a 'half-way house' between a vest and a bra. We were allowed to wear T shirts and shorts or pe skirts, but boys and girls had to change in the same classroom (supervised by our teacher).

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