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After a few weeks on campus, Dylan Gonzalez already has been stopped by strangers at Allen Fieldhouse who have called her by her first name.

Others have said how big of fans they are of her and her twin sister Dakota — and neither has played a minute for Kansas University’s women’s basketball team. 1 men’s basketball recruit Andrew Wiggins has received most of the headlines this summer, it’s possible that a pair of outgoing twins from Pocatello, Idaho, could end up bringing nearly as much publicity to KU.

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The year of 1991 became the first full season of Gonzalez's career.We strive to uphold our values for every story published. Gonzalez spent his best years with the Arizona Diamondbacks and was one of the most popular players in that organization's history.One example came when Henrickson was giving the two special instructions this summer on one side of the practice gym.Every time point guard Natalie Knight circled the perimeter on a jog, one of the twins would slap hands with her or yell encouragement.

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