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In October 2007, Rielle Hunter's name was everywhere -- after the National Enquirer reported she had an affair with presidential hopeful John Edwards.

She later became pregnant and while he admitted the affair in 2008, it took years for Edwards to finally confirm that he was indeed the child's father.

Gwen and James Druck divorced that same year; Lisa was 17 years old at the time.

There was open speculation that Story of My Life was a roman à clef novel when it first appeared; to New York Magazine's questions "Is it real? " Mc Inerney replied, "I'm anticipating some of that kind of speculation, but I'm utterly confident of not having any lawsuits on my hands. On the other hand, it's not to say that I didn't make use of [pause] … Mine is not an autonomous imagination." According to People, during this same period, while she was married to Alexander Hunter, her husband "financed the production of a play for her — a coming-of-age story about a group of tough 30-something New Yorkers [...] titled Savage in Limbo," which co-starred Elizabeth Dennehy.

The Edwards campaign soon hired her to produce a series of promotional videos portraying behind-the-scenes life on the campaign trail and Hunter filmed and produced four of these short videos for the 2008 presidential campaign of John Edwards.

Holoran stated that Hunter's series marked a "tipping point" in the history of web video which "sent the message that online video [... tabloid, cited claims by an anonymous source that Edwards had engaged in an extramarital affair with Hunter during Edwards's 2008 presidential campaign and that Hunter was pregnant.

is ...] a serious medium, ready to contend with traditional media for audiences and ad dollars." In 2008, Maria Russo, the reviewer of websites for the Los Angeles Times, also mentioned that Hunter had been among the earliest adopters of You Tube for viral marketing purposes, and was the first filmmaker who exploited that venue for political campaign marketing. After a report by the National Enquirer on December 19, 2007, Hunter announced she was pregnant with the child of Andrew Young, a married man who is a former staffer for John Edwards' presidential campaign.

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