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Club Cafe is a restaurant and gay bar that is largely frequented by the 25 and older gay men’s crowd.

Still, a lot of the queer women I know hang out there particularly on the weekdays. Rush, the dance party on Saturdays, is reportedly one of the best dance nights around.

Although GQB used to be an actual sneak attack on a bar, the last few times I went GQB seemed to have rented out the space.

GQB used to be every first Friday (thus competing with the increasingly popular Venus Rising) but seems to maybe be moving to the second Friday of the month.

If you’re looking to party on Thursdays, the only place to be is in JP at The Midway for the mostly lesbian and gender-queer Queeraoke. Queeraoke usually draws a cool crowd, if not a lot of the same JP folks from the Milky Way.

I’m not even going to pretend I don’t love a good round of karaoke.

Machine is normally a gay club with a pseudo-leather bar upstairs (Ramrod) but I’ve always found it to be completely lesbian friendly even during non-Dyke Night times.

In light of the largest women’s party in New England thing, it’s critical to arrive at Machine no later than 10pm or you will not party, you will just stand in line.Venus Rising is a private party in the extremely lush Foundation Room at the House of Blues held the first Friday of every month.I happen to really like the Foundation Room because it sort of looks like someone else’s rich grandmother’s living room.Full of coffeeshops, bookstores, and vegan food, they are a little expensive to live in (especially Cambridge), but nice places to spend an afternoon.Highlights include Harvard Square (touristy as it is), Davis Square, and also some out-of-the-way delights like Union Square.

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