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There are 3D print instructions out there to create your own, and a Kickstarter for a very similar tool called the Rockit88, which now sells online for .It was like a lightbulb went off: oh, delidding have to be insanely dangerous. Caseking initially produced 2500, and every one sold out in pre-order before the manufacturing run was complete.Back in those days, the power consumption of the CPU was really high, so to keep the temperature as low as possible, they used solder.There are other theories as to why Intel is not doing it anymore; my theory is that it's not necessary, so they don't do it."Intel stopped soldering its mainstream CPUs with Ivy Bridge, instead using a simpler thermal material. You can take the heatspreader off your CPU, replace the thermal compound with a better material, and significantly lower your CPU temperature, with much less risk than you'd take delidding a soldered CPU.The tool has been revolutionary in making delidding both safe and easy. You place your CPU in the Delid-Die-Mate's housing, slot in the slider above the CPU, and start cranking it with a hex key. But as long as you match the CPU's corner arrow to the Die-Mate's, you're golden.

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metals you actually should save, so economically speaking it's a lot better not to solder."The first one was a little bit more complicated design and manufacturing-wise," he says."This is trimmed to be as user-friendly as possible and as cheap as possible.This is just the latest in Bella's body hair-positive timeline, though.Last year, she told a Twitter troll she didn't care what he thought re: her leg hair, and in February she gently clapped back to people clutching their pearls over her armpit hair.

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