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I told him that I've been a cop for 36 years and I like to think I'm a good judge of character. I see that there is some of the goodness of Princess Diana in him."But I warned him he has never before met anyone quite like my daughter.So when he walked out on them last summer it came as a shock to many - not least Caroline, who had no idea why her husband should suddenly decide to leave.

And such was the Earl's interest in the company of the former cheerleader and Homecoming Princess that they arranged to meet again in Dayton, where there was a Diana exhibition."Coleen is an animal lover. When Charles visited Dayton for the exhibition, he called her to reacquaint himself."Mr Sullivan insists that at this stage the relationship was innocent.

The couple arrived on December 22 and planned to spend a week at the Spencer mansion in the exclusive suburb of Constantia.

However, after recriminations from his children, aged between 12 and 15, Charles moved Coleen into a £350-a-night suite at the five-star, Cellars-Hohenort Hotel, a few minutes drive from his home.

"I worked on the team when she was a kid and she knows how to use a gun. This is not a woman who is going to let any man mess her around."The warning stands in stark contrast to the way that the Earl has behaved in his previous relationships.

During his bitter 1997 divorce from Victoria, a former model, it was revealed that he had been a 'callous adulterer' and an unsympathetic spouse who had taken a string of mistresses while his wife was being treated for an eating disorder and drug addiction in a rehabilitation clinic.

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