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x DSince it's random, I find the easiest way to accumulate points when desperate is to save and reload as many times as necessary in order to get a success on the stat that you want.

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iondeed game is quiet hard - is just so hard to get the stats to 99 so I can get special endings T^T I found that it's like... That's cause is rather easy to gai a lot of dyscypline in a quiet short time.

Things like that would have made raising a skill seem to be worthwhile. Raising your relationship with them didn't make talking to them any more successful over time.

As for the boys and endings themselves, I think I liked all of them except for Hugh, which was a shame.

I got it while it was on discount (first 50 people or something).

actually it's quiet easy to increase her energy, morale, and all those 4 things on the side (well...

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