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Makes a good Christmas gift and can be worn as your holiday party perfume. It’s not exactly sophisticated, but it’s fun, flirty and feels like a more grown up version of something I’d wear as a teenager or in my early 20’s, which is what I think Prada was going for. A clean sweet scent, I only sprayed it once on my wrist so I didn't expect much but for me it was difficult trying to smell this as it changed really quickly and pretty much faded after a couple of hours.Not bad, not offensive but a bit unpredictable in my opinion, was not expecting the faint initial caramel to leave so quickly, not what I was expecting from something named "Candy".

There is nothing particularly smoky or balsamic about it but it does tend to turn into a subtle amber. The dry down is more of a developed gourmand pastry scent that smells sweet but not too sweet, feminine but not childish, and discreet but detectable, long lasting and pleasant.I couldn't stop smelling my own wrists that first time.Now I wear it regularly not only to parties but just to go to the grocery store.It smells of make-up, powder, and soft leather, so the whole thing is like the scent of the mixture of a woman's make-up or powder kit inside a suede or leather handbag.As such it smells like a day to day easy to wear fragrance for a young woman - it's clean, inoffensive, powdery and no nonsense.

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