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After these commercially less successful albums, 1976 saw the release of his breakthrough album , shortly after the suicide of his wife, Phyllis. In 1979, Browne was a founding member with Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash and John Hall of MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy).

Five benefit concerts resulted in the triple-album was released in 2002.

But the more you listen, the more you'll appreciate the lyrical and musical nuances of this fine singer-songwriter's work." ALL-TIME TOP FIVE: 1) Running On Empty (from Running On Empty) 2) Doctor My Eyes (from Jackson Browne [Saturate Before Using]) 3) The Pretender (from The Pretender) 4) Late For The Sky (from Late for the Sky) 5) Somebody's Baby (from Fast Times at Ridgemont High) RECOMMENDED ALBUM: RUNNING ON EMPTY "Jackson came along with the prolific wave of sensitive singer/songwriters of the '70s and today seems to be eclipsed, critically, by all of them - Young, Taylor, King, Simon, Crosby, Stills, Nash, et al...

But, he is my favorite simply for the fact that he wore his big bleeding heart so prominently on his sleeve and never backed down.

His career began by joining The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1966.

He proved to be a talented songwriter from the beginning.

A songwriting prodigy since his teens, Jackson Browne had already reached a zenith in confessional writing with 1974's Late for the Sky, a song cycle of his guitar and piano based anthems, reveries, and rockers, distilling themes of disillusionment, apocalypse, friendship, and fragile romances.

Browne moved with his family to Los Angeles, California in his youth and began singing folk music.

But personal tragedy, in the suicide of his partner and mother of his young son, cast an unplanned shadow across these songs, giving The Pretender a darker, heartbroken edge and an authentic, scarred toughness.

Fatherhood, mortality, and resignation inform brilliant songs like "Your Bright Baby Blues" (featuring Lowell George's plangent slide guitar and vocal counterpoint), "Here Come Those Tears Again" (with Bonnie Raitt), and the prayerful, desolate "Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate," but it's the title tune that remains the haunting highlight.

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